Pick-up location Red light district in Amsterdam

Cruising through the Amsterdam Red Light District ‘De Wallen’

Experience the Red Light District in a unique way from the water

This route takes you to the heart of the oldest part of Amsterdam. The Red Light District, known for its red lights and its window prostitutes. This route is very entertaining, especially in the evenings. You will find many cheerful tourists around here till late at night.

Five unique sights in the oldest part of Amsterdam

There is no place in the world that can be compared with the Red Light District in Amsterdam. This route takes you right to it. Window prostitution, many sex shops, sex museums and tourist shops bring with them a unique atmosphere. This route could have also been called the national monuments route. You cruise under the ‘Armbrug’ and find the ‘Vredenburgh’ monument. A bit further you find the oldest building of Amsterdam, the ‘Oude Kerk’. This church was built in the 13th century and is in the top 100 of national monuments in the Netherlands. Also you will find the impressive five star hotel de l’Europe on this route. This hotel is also a national monument. Are you an art lover? This cruise passes by museum ‘het Rembrandthuis’. Famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn used to live in this building between 1639 and 1658.


  • Red Light District
  • Vredenburgh
  • Oude Kerk
  • Hotel de L’Europe
  • Museum ‘het Rembrandthuis’

Red Light District and national monuments

Rent a boat with family or friends and explore the Red Light District ‘De Wallen’. Experience the Red Light District and many national monuments.

Location Red light district
Location Red light district
Location Red light district

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