Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know that my information/quotation request has been received?

    After you have clicked the blue ‘Request a quote’ button and filled in the request form, you will receive a confirmation on your screen and a confirmation email saying that your request has been sent successfully. This email will also inform you of when you can expect to receive a response to your request.

  • I’m not able to send my request. What's gone wrong?

    The fields on the request form have a ‘validation’ function. For example, the email field checks for hyphens and an @ symbol in the email address. Be sure to fill in each field correctly and review your input before you click ‘Send’. If you’re still unable to send your request, don’t hesitate to contact us on +31 (0)20 6247635.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you confirm your reservation with your chosen boat company, a cancellation policy usually applies. Each boat company has its own cancellation policy. Ask to see this policy before you confirm your quotation.

  • I would like to leave a review. How can I do this?

    The reviews on Rent A Boat Amsterdam are submitted by people who have recently sailed on a boat which they requested via the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website. After sending your request, you will receive an email on the day after your sail date, asking you to provide us with feedback. On the form, you can choose whether you want the review to be published on our website anonymously or under your name.

  • I'm interested in renting several boats. Is this possible?

    Yes it is. You can either simply request several boats, tick the box ‘If possible, please send me information about similar boats’ at the bottom of the request form, or call us on +31 (0)20 6247635 for advice. We will be happy to help you find the right boat for your specific occasion.

  • Where do I board the boat?

    Because the boats on Rent A Boat Amsterdam are all rented, you decide where you want to board the boat (as long as there is a dock at that location). However, be aware that you may be charged an extra fee if you wish to board from certain locations. To help you find the right boarding location, we have created maps with Google Maps that indicate the free boarding locations for each boat. For more information about boarding locations and docks in Amsterdam, click here.

  • Is Rent A Boat Amsterdam an intermediary or a boat rental company?

    Rent A Boat Amsterdam wants to make the boat rental market in Amsterdam more transparent and has therefore entered into partnerships with several boat rental companies in Amsterdam to enable you to compare different boats and find the boat that best fits your specific needs. When you request a specific boat, we put you in direct contact with the owner of the boat.