Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I make use of the services offered by Rent A Boat Amsterdam?

Rent A Boat Amsterdam is a one-stop-shop for rental boats in Amsterdam and enables you to compare each boat on the key features. On top of this we offer all boats with a lowest rate guarantee we are the only boat rental website that offers genuine guest reviews. And the best thing is, you pay nothing for our services!

What are the costs involved when using the Rent A Boat Amsterdam services?

None! Our services are offered free of charge. No booking fee, no administration costs and no hidden charges.

How do I request more information about a boat?

Navigate to the webpage dedicated to the boat of your choice and click the large request button (with the green check mark) next to the main picture of this boat. Complete the form that appears and then click the submit button. When you had correctly completed all fields a confirmation message appears with additional information about further proceedings.

I can't submit my enquiry. What is wrong?

All fields in the request form are mandatory and a validation is applied for each field. The email field is checked for an "@" and the fields where you specify your preferred departure or end time are checked to make sure you have used a ":" to separate the hours from the minutes.

Are there any obligation involved when I submit an enquiry?

No. Sending an enquiry / request for more information is without any obligations. Feel free and go ahead.

I can't find what I am looking for. What do I do now?

Contact us. The Rent A Boat Amsterdam website gives an impression of the possibilities we offer, but there is more... Don't hesitate, contact us and enquire for more information.

What is your cancellation policy?

After confirming your reservation at the boat rental agency that owns the boat of your choice terms and conditions are likely to apply. The cancellation policy may vary per boat. Please enquiry about the terms and conditions before confirming your reservation.

I would like to post a comment. How do I do this?

The comments / guest reviews on Rent A Boat Amsterdam are comments posted by people that have cruised on that specific boat and that have requested this boat through the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website. After submitting your enquiry we will send you an email 1 day after the specified cruising date requesting you to provide us with your feedback. In the feedback form you can specify whether we are allowed to post your comment under your name or an anonymous alias.

I am not happy with the comment I submitted. Can I edit my review?

Yes, you can. Not to forget it is your review. Please send us an email clearly stating what updates you want to be made and one of our content managers will, unless the message doesn't pass our quality guidelines, update your review online.

I am interested in multiple boats. What should I do?

That is very well possible. There are two possibilities. Or you simply request all boats you are interested in, you are free to do so without any obligations. Or you check the checkbox under the enquiry form whereby you let us know you are interested in receiving a proposal of on or more comparable boats. If we find an available boat that might be interesting for you we will let you know.

I would like to make a canal cruise an buy individual tickets. Is this possible?

No. Rent A Boat Amsterdam offers only boats that are rented out on an exclusive basis. This means that the boat you rent is available only for you for the duration of your cruise. In case you would like to buy a ticket and join others on an Amsterdam canal cruise we recommend a canal cruise company such as rederij Lovers.

I want to make sure my boat ride is environment friendly. How do I know this is the case?

Very wise. There are two possibilities: Or you take a boat that is electronically driven (zero emission), or you take a boat where the emission is compensated via our carbon reduction program. For mor information about our environmental policy please click here. To let you know which boats are environment friendly we have marked all boats that are environment friendly with a green check on details page of the specific boat.

Where do we board?

Because all boats listed on Rent A Boat Amsterdam are rented out on an exclusive basis you are free to decide where you would like to board (obviously, as long as there is a mooring). Please note that the boarding policy may vary per boat and that certain (more distant) locations may carry a fee. To show which boarding locations you can pick without any surcharge we have included a Google map on each boats page pointing out this boarding location or boarding area. For more information about boarding location and moorings in Amsterdam please click here.

I can't find any catering possibilities. Where can I find these?

Thats correct. Since the catering possibilities vary largely based on the boat or boat rental agency and the catering possibilities are updated frequently we are not able to provide you with the most up-to-date catering menu's on the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website. Ask for the menu's when sending your information request.

I would like to give a presentation on board. Do the boats have a 220 volt socket?

Not all boats have this facility. Have a look at the details page of the boat of your liking and make sure the boat is equipped with a 220 volt socket. This is clearly stated at each boat detail page.

I would like to rent my boat through Rent A Boat Amsterdam. How does this work?

When you have a boat suited for cruises with passengers through the Amsterdam canals and a licence of the city council stating you are permitted to commercially exploit your boat you are welcome to apply for a listing on this website. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Is Rent A Boat Amsterdam an intermediary service or boat owner?

Rent A Boat Amsterdam stands for a transparent boat rental market in Amsterdam and works together with many different boat rental agencies (owners) in Amsterdam enabling you to compare and select the boat that matches your wishes. We are the only independent intermediary service in Amsterdam.

I have rented an open boat and now bad weather is expected. What to do?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee good weather and there is no insurance for this. Therefor cancelling without costs because of the weather is not possible. When cancelling your booking (confirmed reservation) our terms and conditions apply. However, based on availability, we can try to move your boat tour to another date. In this case an additional fee is charged for covering our administrative costs as well as covering the costs of cancelling the staff that was hired for your booking. On the ‘Manhattan’ sloop there is a rain cover available.This rain cover covers a maximum of 12 people. At your request we can also provide umbrellas and blankets (free of charge). Depending on availability you may also upgrade to a covered boat (saloon boats, barges, etc.). Depending on the boat you will be charged extra for this upgrade. Also, different conditions apply to renting a covered boat. For example: it is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks aboard.