BBQ boat in Amsterdam

BBQ boat in Amsterdam

A barbecue on a luxury boat
Experience the summer on the water! Nothing is more fun than organizing a barbecue with family, friends or colleagues. While enjoying a glass of beer or wine, the private chef provides you with the most delicious meat and fish dishes, directly from the electric grill. All this while the skipper will sail you on one of our luxury boats on through lovely canals of Amsterdam.

Menu Barbecue Basic:
Tasty selection of meat with accompanying salads, bread and various sauces. €29,50

Menu Barbecue Popular:
Luxury meats and shrimp skewers from the grill, with accompanying salads, bread and various sauces. €35,00 Most chosen!

Menu Barbecue Deluxe:
Prefer Barbecue Deluxe (items extended with steak, salmon fillet and prawn skewer)? €40,00

This package is available for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 48 people.

Enjoying a BBQ on a boat in Amsterdam starting

A BBQ on a boat in Amsterdam? Yes, that's possible! We offer you and your group a unique summer experience on one of our BBQ boats.

  • A BBQ on a boat turns the best summer activity into a unique summer experience on the water with your group of 10 to 48 persons;
  • The most delicious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with the best local ingredients prepared by a private chef directly on board;
  • Our marvellous classic, luxury boats with removable roof provide a sunny BBQ experience, but are also perfect in variable weather.

View our barbecue menu here. The price includes VAT, but excludes the boat rental. You can book this arrangement together with one of our three BBQ boats. You can directly make a completely informal request. At the latest within 1 working day you will receive a response from us (often already the same working day)! Do you have questions or special eating and dietary wishes? Then call us on +31 (0)20 - 624 76 35. Our team will gladly help think about an unforgettable boat trip with your group through Amsterdam.

Comprehensive barbecue arrangement prepared by a private chef on board

For years, we have been working with our BBQ partner. Organizing a BBQ on a boat requires the necessary experience. Our three boats (HRH, Bota Fogo and Anna Maria) offer perfect space for an electric barbecue. Your own private chef prepares the most delicious dishes for you. We offer four barbecue arrangements:

  • Basic: four tender meat dishes (i.a. chicken skewer, hamburger, and pork shoulder), baguette, various homemade salads, and sauces;
  • Populair: five delicious meat dishes (i.a. round steak, chicken breast and shashlik), baguette, Hussars, Greek and Italian salads, and sauces;
  • Deluxe: five delicious grill dishes (i.a. veal entrecote, lamb chops and salmon packet), baguettes, salads and sauces, and desserts and fruit;
  • Vegetarian: five top vegetarian dishes (i.a. shashlik, skewer, and veggie burger), baguette, various homemade salads, and sauces.

Prices include VAT and private chef on board. View our barbecue menu here. Do you have special eating or dietary wishes? Or do you want to put together a different BBQ menu? That is possible! Contact our team at +31 (0)20 - 624 76 35, and we will put together a suitable menu with you and the chef.

3 reasons why you choose for a BBQ boat in Amsterdam

Do you have a private or a business occasion to celebrate? Or do you just want a fun outing with your family, friends or colleagues? Then choose for this unique experience on the water. What makes a barbecue on board of a BBQ boat in Amsterdam so special?

  • You sail on your own private restaurant with your own private chef;
  • The beautiful historic ring of canals of Amsterdam pass you by;
  • Unique combination of the two most beautiful activities in the summer: BBQ and sailing.

Are you interested in one of our BBQ arrangements? Then quickly discover our 'service with a smile' and make a completely informal request via the website, or call us on +31 (0)20 - 624 76 35.


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