Typical Dutch buffet

Dutch Buffet

Are you celebrating a special occasion and seeking a truly authentic Dutch experience? Discover the beauty of Amsterdam on a canal cruise while indulging in our delectable Dutch buffet. As our experienced skipper guides you through the city's charming canals, you can savor delicious Dutch delicacies, served buffet-style. This buffet is ideal for a cozy, winter boat trip on one of our comfortable salon boats, catering to all tastes.

A Complete Dutch Buffet on a Luxury Private Boat in Amsterdam

Want to enjoy the real Dutch experience in the heart of Amsterdam? Our buffet menu includes several courses featuring classics such as Amsterdam sausages, Dutch herring, and traditional "stamppot".

Easily Customizable and Expandable to Suit Your Preferences

Do you have special requests, or want to make the experience truly complete? We offer the option to enhance your buffet with a welcome drink or pair it with our recommended, delicious wines. Furthermore, we accommodate any group size: our buffets can be booked for parties starting from just six people.

Dietary Requirements or Allergies?

In case of specific dietary needs or allergies, we're more than happy to arrange a customized menu. Please let us know during the booking process, so we can ensure that you and your guests can enjoy the Dutch buffet on board without any worries.

Recommended Boats

For a boat trip where you enjoy the Dutch buffet, we recommend the luxury private boats with a skipper listed below. View the different (salon) boats and choose your favorite. Need help selecting the right boat, tailored to your chosen package? Our enthusiastic team is ready to assist you.

Dutch Buffet at a Glance

  • Perfect for a cozy, winter canal cruise in Amsterdam
  • On board a luxury salon boat, enjoy classic dishes like "stamppot", "kibbeling", and Waterland free-range meat
  • Can be booked with an optional welcome drink
  • This package can be booked for parties of six people and upwards
  • We're happy to accommodate your dietary needs for an unforgettable, culinary cruise


You can easily and quickly book the Dutch buffet online. During the booking process, you can share all your preferences. We'll ensure everything is perfectly arranged.

Do you have questions? Our enthusiastic team is happy to help with free advice and/or a customized quote. Contact us via the website here or call us directly at +31 (0)20 6247635 for more information.


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