Blog in new design

The Rent A Boat Amsterdam blog has been given a completely new look and feel. The new design has a set of distinctive features that enhances the experience of our readers. To be hones the “old” blog didn’t comply any longer with the 2010 standards. Integrated latest Tweets, RSS subscription possibilities, a proper search tool and commenting tools are, as you know, a must.

With the introduction of the new design we would like to make a second announcement. The Rent A Boat Amsterdam Blog has always suffered a little bit from lack of attention compared to the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website itself. Since we as a company have developed we will now focus on providing more useful information to our readers. As soon as new features are added to the website we will let you know. When we have stumbled upon a great video about sailing through the canals of Amsterdam, we will let you know. When we have drawn a new itinerary though Amsterdam using Google maps, we will let you know.