The fleet of Amsterdam Boats!

We are proud to introduce you to our classic fleet, consisting of 5 boats.

Our beautiful classic canal barge Bota Fogo from 1890. The boat has a wooden saloon, a retractable roof and a large afterdeck. Nowadays equipped with all comfort and luxury facilities you may expect on a modern-day boat.

Authentic Amsterdam Canal boat Ondine is incredibly beautiful and very luxurious from1909. Equipped with all modern day facilities the Lady Ondine is the perfect location for a variety of occasions.

The canal barge Anna Maria is an amazing ship from Friesland dating from 1910. Due to the specific and unique hull of the boat it makes its way elegantly through the canals. The boat has been remodeled and is now a very luxurious and comfortable ship.

The canal boat Marie Zurlohe, among close friends also called ‘Marietje’, is a jewel of a boat from the year 1912. The ship belongs to one of the loveliest (smaller) canalboats in its class in the country. This boat is also equipped with all luxury conveniences.

Luxurious canal yacht, HRH (Her Royal Highness) from 1913, was renovated in 2010 into a luxurious sailing trendy bar / restaurant. The ship is equipped with a number of characteristic elements, and equipped with all luxurious comforts.

Classical or contemporary, with a closed or open roof, intimate or for a large group? We have the perfect luxury boat for you, tailored to the occasion.

For more information and features check our website. You can also request a quote for your favorite boat, without any obligation.