Unsere Website jetzt auch auf Deutsch

During 2012 the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website was visited from 152 countries, from all over the World.

Visitors by country | Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com

Visitors by country | Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com

A thorough analysis showed that a significant number of our visitors have German as their mother tongue. This fact made ​​us decide that the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website had to be offered in German in order to serve our customers in a better fashion. We take great pride to hereby present the full German version of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com website.

Screenshot Boot Mieten Amsterdam

German version of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website. Boot mieten in Amsterdam?

We consider it of the utmost importance that we keep improving our service level, now and in the future. From that perspective we expect to add more languages to our website allowing more and more people to read all about boat rental in Amsterdam in their native language.

Do you have any suggestions? Please call us at +31 (0)20 624 76 35.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com in French

Following the launch of our brand new website on 30 July 2012, we have seen a number of major developments within the Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com website. This has unfortunately resulted in an incomplete French version of the website. In other words, the content on the French version of the website was not equal to the English version.

But, after many hours of translating the thousands of words, sentences and paragraphs we have completed the task of translating the entire website into French. The French version of Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com is now fully up-to-date.

The French version of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com website

This means that every part of the website is now available in French. The boats, the package deals, the location, the occasions, etc, etc. Do you have friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family or other contacts that are French? Send them a message with this joyous news. The only boat rental website in Amsterdam that is available in French.

Do you have questions, suggestions or comments? Or did you bump into a translation mistakes? Let us know by using the form below or by calling +31 (0)20 6247635.

First Amsterdam Boats newsletter

Today we have send the very first newsletter since Amsterdam Boats was founded (2009). In the past months many events and significant changes have taken place at Amsterdam Boats. The takeover of Classic Canal Charters (with the lovely classic canal boat Bota Fogo), acquiring the now exactly 100-year-old classic boat Marie Zurlohe and the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website restyle just to name a few.

Memorable events that we like to share with our clients. Information that the readers will benefit from.

First Amsterdam Boats newsletter

Developments that are particularly newsworthy we will continue to share in the future. But do not worry. We will never ever send messages just to send messages. And we will save up the news so we will not send more than one Amsterdam Boats Newsletter per quarter. We hate spam, just like everyone else, so no need to worry.

Do you have questions about our newsletter (policy)? Please do not hesitate to let us know.

Catering with Rent A Boat Amsterdam

Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com is keen on delivering the best possible features and usability when it comes to finding the perfect rental boat in Amsterdam. For a large majority of our customers catering plays a crucial role when booking a boat tour. On the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website we have listed roughly 75% of all commercial (and licenced) boats in Amsterdam. This means the boats are owned and / or managed by a variety of boat owners. As a result the catering possibilities vary per boat rental agency. To avoid confusion between the different menus on offer and the corresponding boats it has been our policy not to display catering / dinner possibilities on the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website.

Catering menus with Rent A Boat Amsterdam

The brand new catering page at Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com

However, based on research amongst our valued customers, we have learned that the need for catering menus on the website was very high. Much higher than we initially anticipated. It turned out that many visitors weren’t even sure if the possibility to order catering on board was possible at all. An evidently undesirable situation that made us decide to provide our customers with a proper presentation of the catering possibilities we (can) offer aboard. This overview can be found at this page: Boat catering. On this page you will find our breakfast, lunch and high tea, fingerfood snacks and bites as well as (a la carte) diner / buffet menu’s. To avoid any confusion about the boats that offer these menus we have displayed a selection of boats that you can order the catering menus for. When looking for catering aboard one of the other boats that we have listed please contact us.

In case you have any question about the above, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Location page fully up-to-date

In due course we have discovered a lot of boarding / disembarking location throughout the city of Amsterdam and surrounding area. Numerous location that we didn’t display on our website. Until now! We have decided to expand our locations database. And, to keep our website visitors properly informed we have updated our location page too. It is now possible to cruise for example to Beach West, Restaurant Noorderlicht or Restaurant Breitner!

All boarding (and disembarking) locations in Amsterdam

Curious what the other boarding locations are? Have a look at the most complete boarding locations guide at: Boat Boarding Location in Amsterdam.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam in French

In our previous post we announced that our web-team was busy working on the translation of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website into more languages. After a couple of months of hard work we now proudly introduce the French version of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam in French

It goes without saying that we will notify you as soon as we introduce the next language. It our goal to provide the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website in 4 more languages. We are busy translating again!