Catering with Rent A Boat Amsterdam

Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com is keen on delivering the best possible features and usability when it comes to finding the perfect rental boat in Amsterdam. For a large majority of our customers catering plays a crucial role when booking a boat tour. On the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website we have listed roughly 75% of all commercial (and licenced) boats in Amsterdam. This means the boats are owned and / or managed by a variety of boat owners. As a result the catering possibilities vary per boat rental agency. To avoid confusion between the different menus on offer and the corresponding boats it has been our policy not to display catering / dinner possibilities on the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website.

Catering menus with Rent A Boat Amsterdam

The brand new catering page at Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com

However, based on research amongst our valued customers, we have learned that the need for catering menus on the website was very high. Much higher than we initially anticipated. It turned out that many visitors weren’t even sure if the possibility to order catering on board was possible at all. An evidently undesirable situation that made us decide to provide our customers with a proper presentation of the catering possibilities we (can) offer aboard. This overview can be found at this page: Boat catering. On this page you will find our breakfast, lunch and high tea, fingerfood snacks and bites as well as (a la carte) diner / buffet menu’s. To avoid any confusion about the boats that offer these menus we have displayed a selection of boats that you can order the catering menus for. When looking for catering aboard one of the other boats that we have listed please contact us.

In case you have any question about the above, please do not hesitate to let us know.