Pay aboard our boats with your debit or credit card on an iPad

Convenience serves our guest. At Rent A Boat Amsterdam we work hard to keep improving our service level. Even when it comes to the part that is the least fun when organizing a boat tour in Amsterdam: Payment.

We hereby proudly introduce a new and contemporary method of payment: Pay aboard our boats with your debit or credit card on an iPad. In two simple steps the payment is made. We accepts debit cards of all major Dutch banks as well as Mastercard, Visa and Diners Club credit cards.

On board debit or credit card payments with an iPad at Rent A Boat Amsterdam. Easy and convenient.

But of course you can continue to pay in the ways you are accustomed to at Rent A Boat Amsterdam. Online with iDeal, PayPal and Credit Card. And, the regular way: A wire transfer. For more information about our payment options please visit: Payment at Rent A Boat Amsterdam.

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com in French

Following the launch of our brand new website on 30 July 2012, we have seen a number of major developments within the Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com website. This has unfortunately resulted in an incomplete French version of the website. In other words, the content on the French version of the website was not equal to the English version.

But, after many hours of translating the thousands of words, sentences and paragraphs we have completed the task of translating the entire website into French. The French version of Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com is now fully up-to-date.

The French version of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam .com website

This means that every part of the website is now available in French. The boats, the package deals, the location, the occasions, etc, etc. Do you have friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family or other contacts that are French? Send them a message with this joyous news. The only boat rental website in Amsterdam that is available in French.

Do you have questions, suggestions or comments? Or did you bump into a translation mistakes? Let us know by using the form below or by calling +31 (0)20 6247635.