Revamped Rent A Boat Amsterdam website

After months of hard work we finally launched our completely redesigned Rent A Boat Amsterdam website. The new website provides a lot more possibilities for the boat rental agencies in Amsterdam to present their boats as well a lot of new features that comply with the wishes of the 2010 web user.

Amsterdam Boats, the company behind, has examined and evaluated her website based on her experience over the last two years and developed a brand new vision. This vision had to be translated into a new website that enabled Amsterdam Boats to communicate her new concept. This is a lot of “new”, but after three years of operation with the same website is was time for a change and to move forward.
New vision
In the renewed concept of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website it is all about our visitors. It is designed for the company, individual, family or visitor of Amsterdam looking to rent a boat in Amsterdam to sail the canals of Amsterdam. It is here to help you find the boat that meets your specific requirements. To help you organize the canal-cruise as you have it in mind.
We have compared the experiences of our won with the feedback that we have received from our customer feedback program. Based on the findings we have come to the conclusion that the Rent A Boat Amsterdam website must offer:
  • Plenty of choice and offering a wide variety of boats enabling every visitor to find a boat of their liking;
  • As much detail as possible about each boat (or package deals);
  • The possibility to compare all boats using their distinctive features;
  • Professional support and advice by an experienced advisory team;
  • The possibility to use guest reviews to the advantage of the visitor;
  • A lowest rate guarantee on the internet for all of the Rent A Boat Amsterdam listed boats;
  • No booking fees, no hidden costs;
  • A multilingual approach.
Boat rental packages
Besides the above mentioned advantages of the renewed Rent A Boat Amsterdam website we now offer much more boat rental packages than we did before. Within the packages we have made a distinction between boating packages and cruise plus.
  • Boating packages are packages that take place on board on of our boats. Think of: Wine tasting, magician act, Hajenius cigars cruise;
  • Cruise plus packages are packages on the boat plus an activity / activities on dry land. Think of: Canal cruise plus guided city walk, canal cruise plus visit to the Royal Carre theater, canal cruise plus a visit to Gassan Diamonds.
Your opinion is important to us
The Rent A Boat Amsterdam website could never have achieved this website change without the valuable feedback of our visitors and clients. We would like to thank everybody that has been so kind to provide us with their feedback and hope that you will keep doing so. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or if you wish to email us please feel free to contact us at: