Please read these user conditions (hereafter to be called: ‘Conditions’) carefully before using a AMSTERDAM BOATS-websites. In using an AMSTERDAM BOATS-website, you indicate that you are acquainted with and accept the Conditions. If you do not agree with one or more of the Conditions, you should not use an AMSTERDAM BOATS website.

The Conditions can also be consulted in the office of AMSTERDAM BOATS BV at Cruquiusweg 40 in Amsterdam and will be sent upon request info@amsterdamboatsbv.com.

General Remarks

This website has been created by the company AMSTERDAM BOATS BV, with a registered office in Amsterdam, Chamber of Commerce number: 34135743, (hereafter to be called: “AMSTERDAM BOATS”).

Permissible use

As user of a AMSTERDAM BOATS website, you should act and behave in every way as is expected from a responsible and careful internet user. You are not permitted to use the (contents of the) website for actions or behavior that are contradictory to the law, public order and decency. In particular, the following actions and/or behavior are not permitted:

  • infringement upon or other actions that breach the intellectual property rights of AMSTERDAM BOATS and/or third parties;
  • the making of damaging, incorrect or misleading remarks;
  • the distribution of legally prohibited material;
  • the evasion of or removal of the security of (parts of) the website.

You are not permitted without prior written permission from AMSTERDAM BOATS to copy, modify, distribute or disperse, to “reverse engineer”, decompile or in another manner to use and/or exploit the material made available.

If you do not adhere to the above permissible use, AMSTERDAM BOATS reserves the right to claim compensation from you for the damage resulting from this non-permitted use.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights related to its website(s) are held exclusively by AMSTERDAM BOATS and/or its suppliers. Among what is understood by intellectual property rights is all patents, brand rights, trade name rights, databank rights, model rights, domain name and other intellectual property rights in the Netherlands or elsewhere that are related to its website(s) and AMSTERDAM BOATS in general, including knowhow and trade secrets. You are not permitted to modify or remove any brand or recognition symbols in the material, and/or any indications regarding copyrights, trade names or other intellectual property rights, nor to modify the material in question or any parts of it, nor to copy it, nor to damage it in any way, nor to take unjustified advantage from the reputation of the intellectual property rights of AMSTERDAM BOATS.

In case of a breach of the intellectual property rights of AMSTERDAM BOATS and/or its suppliers, AMSTERDAM BOATS retains the right to claim compensation for any damage it may incur.

Liability and indemnification

AMSTERDAM BOATS is not liable for the content of its website(s), nor of that of websites that are connected in any way to a AMSTERDAM BOATS website, by means of hyper(text)s for example, or metatag(s). Nor is AMSTERDAM BOATS liable for any damage stemming from or in relation to the use or the inability of use of material that is available on its website or is received through cookies. AMSTERDAM BOATS is not liable for (the content of the) services and/or information from third parties that is offered in any way through a website of AMSTERDAM BOATS.

Nor is AMSTERDAM BOATS liable for damage resulting from the use of electronic means for communication with this website, including – but not limited to – damage as a result of non-delivery or delays in the delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by programs/equipment used for electronic communication and transmitting viruses. The above-given limitations of liability lapse if the damage is intentional or the result of gross negligence.

AMSTERDAM BOATS does not guarantee that any of the information provided on its website(s) is up-to-date, complete and/or accurate. Nor does AMSTERDAM BOATS guarantee that any of the information provided on its website(s) is without errors, deficiencies and/or viruses. Nor does AMSTERDAM BOATS guarantee that such errors and/or deficiencies on its website(s) will be repaired or that the viruses will be removed.

In case of doubt about the accuracy of the information or if inaccuracies are found, we advise you to make contact with the source of the information in question (usually the selling estate agent). AMSTERDAM BOATS is not responsible either for any damage stemming directly or indirectly from the use of information gained from AMSTERDAM BOATS.

You indemnify AMSTERDAM BOATS from any damages resulting from claims of third parties concerning infringement or non-observation of the Conditions, or from claims that otherwise are related to or stem from your use of its website.

Terms and conditions

In case AMSTERDAM BOATS acts as a supplier of one or more cruises on one or more of the by AMSTERDAM BOATS owned boats according to the agreement as agreed upon by both parties our Terms and Conditions apply.

Unsolicited information

If you place on the website or send to AMSTERDAM BOATS by e-mail or other means unsolicited ideas and/or materials, including, but not limited to, texts, images, sounds, software or other information (“Materials”), AMSTERDAM BOATS will have the right to use, copy and/or exploit commercially in the broadest sense these materials, without being charged any fees, and AMSTERDAM BOATS will not be required to observe any secrecy regarding the Materials in question. You hereby indemnify AMSTERDAM BOATS from any damages and costs that AMSTERDAM BOATS may suffer or incur related to claims of third parties that the use and/or exploitation of the Materials is an infringement on (intellectual) (property) rights of third parties or is otherwise unlawful towards a third party.


If these Conditions are or become partially nullified, parties remain bound to the remaining sections. Parties shall replace the nullified sections with provisions that are valid and for which the legal consequences, in keeping with the content and scope of these Conditions, coincide in as much as possible with that of the nullified section.

Other stipulations

AMSTERDAM BOATS retains the right to adapt or modify the Conditions unilaterally.

The Conditions come under Dutch law. All disputes between AMSTERDAM BOATS and third parties stemming from the Conditions shall be brought before the competent court in Amsterdam.