Last Minute boat rental in Amsterdam

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  • How do last minute boat tours work?

    Differing from normal boat tours, last minute boat offers have a discounted rate and are available from 1 hour rental instead of the minimum 2 hours rental. All prices include VAT and you can directly book it from this page.
  • What are package deals?

    Package deals are seasonally discounted packages that often offer a full boat rental in combination with drinks and/or food. These deals are great for when you are looking to rent a whole boat with a bigger groups.


Asparagus Boat Amsterdam Амстердам

Asparagus Boat Amsterdam

Including boat

- -

99.00 €
75.00 € p.p.
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Круиз по каналам с барбекю Амстердам

Круиз по каналам с барбекю

Including boat

открытый бар включен - Каждый день - свежее мясо/рыба в ассортименте -...

105.00 €
85.00 € p.p.
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Круиз по каналам "Счастливые часы" Амстердам

Круиз по каналам "Счастливые часы"

Including boat

Выгодное мероприятие - Все напитки включены - Веселье с друзьями или к...

35.00 €
31.00 € p.p.
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