SAIL2025 - SAIL Out

After a fantastic week, unfortunately the Tall Ships are leaving our country to go return to their distant destinations.
Say goodbye to the ships with this package where we will be awaiting theTall Ships just outside the harbor. The perfect place to see these enormous ships maneuver in spectacular way through the Jan Schaeffer Bridge. Of course while enjoying a delicious snack and drink!

13:00 hours: welcome at the SAIL salon harbor with coffee and tea.
14:00 hours: the boat is ready at the dock to be able to board. The skipper and his crew welcome you and your guests.
16:00 hours: while watching the bustle on the water, you can enjoy some delicious small bites.
17:00 hours: when the Tall Ships pass the bridge, formation will take place and they will leave in a parade towards IJmuiden.
17:30 hours: the captain returns at the SAIL harbor and says goodbye to you and your guests.

A very distinctive experience with charming and courteous staff.