An original marriage proposal in Amsterdam

How exciting that you will ask your girlfriend or boyfriend for their hand in marriage. Will your beloved say 'YES' to the most romantic question that exists: Do you want to marry me? The marriage proposal must be an unforgettable and romantic moment. There are many options for where you should propose in Amsterdam. But we offer a location in Amsterdam where you can make the most romantic and original marriage proposal ever, namely on our boat Marie Zurlohe. This will end in a 'yes', definitely!


An original marriage proposal in an intimate, romantic, luxurious setting

You want to ask your beloved to marry you in an original way and at a romantic location. Of course, there are many possibilities in Amsterdam to organize this special moment. Some people like to ask their loved one in a busy, public place. But others prefer an intimate setting. Are you looking for something in the latter category? And are you also looking for something that's not lacking in romance and luxury? Then we have the suitable, original location for you. Do your marriage proposal on a boat on the canals of Amsterdam.

You only need to focus on the marriage proposal

The marriage proposal should not only be an unforgettable moment for your loved one but certainly also for you. The special moment itself is really exciting for you, of course. Do you have an original proposal? Do you have a good speech prepared? Is your lover going to say 'yes'? Before that special moment, you don't want to be busy with things like: Will the boat arrive on time? Is the location romantically decorated? What if it starts to rain? No worries! You don't have to worry about this. All you have to do is prepare your marriage proposal, and we will do the rest!

A ‘jewel’ of a location in Amsterdam to do your proposal

We ensure that our jewel from 1912, the romantic saloon boat Marie Zurlohe, is ready for you at the location where you want to board. We style the boat in a romantic way with a bouquet of red roses, various small snacks, romantic music and of course a nice bottle of Prosecco to toast after the marriage proposal.

During the two-hour romantic boating route on the Amsterdam canals, you have plenty of time and peace for the marriage proposal. Do you want to do the proposal at a special location? For example, under the 'Magere Brug' at sunset? No problem. Please, let us know up front and our skipper will give you a sign when you are close to the location.

This will be a ‘yes’, definitely!

Do you want to know more about this original marriage proposal on our intimate, romantic, luxury saloon boat? Ask our team about the possibilities. We are happy to think along with you and make your marriage proposal an unforgettable moment for you and your beloved. Make an optional request or call us at 020 624 76 35.

Very likely and it was a great experience with fantastic staff