Environmental policy


Rent A Boat Amsterdam strives to present a complete overview of boats for in Amsterdam and provide the website visitors with the possibility to compare different boats of their liking on the most important features. The Rent A Boat Amsterdam team believes that the environmental consequences of your boat ride are one of these key features. Therefore at we have added information about the environment friendliness of each boat on the boat-detail-pages. We screen the boats based on two criteria:

Electronically powered boats (zero emission canal cruise)

Based on the policy dictated by the city council to improve zero emission cruises and to bring back the emission of toxic gasses all boats that have been added to Amsterdam's fleet since 2006 are electronically driven. Since these boats have no emission at all during your canal cruise they are marked as Environment-friendly.

Carbon neutral boats

A carbon neutral boat is a boat of which the carbon emission has been compensated by investments in carbon deduction projects around the World. Rent A Boat Amsterdam participates in these projects, but only those that comply with strict quality guidelines. All projects have measurable results for the climate and contribute long term to the fight against climate change.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam participates solely in sustainable energy projects such as hydropower facilities, wind energy, methane reduction and energy from biomass. These projects provide a sustainable contribution to the climate and deducts carbon emissions now and in the future.

Rent A Boat Amsterdam explicitly selected these projects together with AC Trading, based in Amsterdam, and not in projects such as planting trees. Planting trees is heavily criticized by leading environmental organizations such as Greenpeace. Rent A Boat Amsterdam wishes to protect her customers agains malicious non-measurable projects.

Quality is highly valuated by Rent A Boat Amsterdam en therefore all projects we invest in are accredited by the following organizations assigned by the UN: Tuv, KMPG and SGS.