Plantation quarter

Cruising through the greenest area of Amsterdam

Explore the ‘Plantagebuurt’ on a boat

Our ‘Plantagebuurt’ route has something to offer for everyone. Modern and futuristic buildings around the ‘Oosterdok’ as well as authentic buildings, house fronts and bridges on the ‘Oudeschans’ and the Amstel river. People that like green choose this route. Thanks to the Artis Zoo and the Hortus Botanicus gardens you feel like you are in the middle of nature.

Five unique spots in the ‘Plantagebuurt’

Cruising the ‘Plantagebuurt’ route you get to see some modern architecture of Amsterdam. How about the Nemo Science Center? Futuristic from the inside and out. Also you will find the National Maritime Museum on this route. This recently renovated museum is definitely worth taking a picture. Continuing the cruise you enter the heart of the ‘Plantagebuurt’, the most green part of Amsterdam. The boat passes directly by the Hortus Botanicus gardens and the Artis zoo and for a moment you feel like you are in nature instead of a city. Later on you continue back into the old Amsterdam center. The monumental buildings and house fronts and the bridges like the ‘Magere Brug’ are a true sight for sore eyes.


  • Science Center Nemo
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Hortus Botanicus Gardens
  • Artis Zoo
  • Magere Brug

History and future meet on the ‘IJ’ waterfront

Rent a boat with family or friends and choose the ‘Plantagebuurt’ route that has something to offer for everyone. Green nature, modern architecture and the old style of the canal ring.

Ort Plantation quarter
Ort Plantation quarter
Ort Plantation quarter
Ort Plantation quarter

This Amsterdam route is indicative. Do you have a request? Feel free to let your skipper know when boarding.